Whether it be a private party, charity fundraiser or a targeted client function, Ben will be sure to bring some welcome laughter to the room. Comedy sets can be as short as 5-10 minutes or up to an hour in duration. Alternatively, Ben can perform a number of short comedy pieces throughout the duration of an event while acting as a host, including interactive games with the audience. Special requests and focus topics can also be discussed in advance to tailor the content and comedy style to the specific audience and/or event.


Ben has considerable experience hosting large-scale events, including musicals, corporate functions, fundraisers, weddings, public speaking engagements and comedy roadshows. As an emcee, Ben will not only make sure that your audience is entertained, but that your event runs fluidly and to-time. Ben can host events according to a pre-determined structure or you can engage Ben to craft a tailored event plan for you. Ben’s emcee style will also be adjusted according to each client’s specific objectives.


Ben has extensive experience facilitating and moderating major industry conferences and workshops. In his capacity as a facilitator and moderator, Ben will look to encourage open dialogue and debate, ensure discussions remain respectful and on-point, and add some of his own flair and insights to the discussion. Ben’s elite academic background and work experience allows him to make a unique and powerful contribution to any industry discussion.


Ben has presented as a keynote speaker at a variety of high-profile events in Hong Kong and Sydney covering a wide range of topics, including financial services careers, personal savings and investments, corporate strategy and higher education. Some of the organisations he has been invited to present at include Visa, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Macquarie University, The University of Technology (Sydney) and the Asian Chief Strategy Officer Summit. Ben’s likeable personality makes him an engaging speaker who can relate to any audience.